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Post-Oscar Commentary

My Jon did good. Little uncomfortable at first, but smooth sailing after that. Best joke: Bjork/Dick Cheney. Guffawed at the way they opened the show, with all the past hosts.

ETA: I had linked to all the pictures of these people on IMDB, but they went and added more pictures and now my links go to all the wrong people. So I'll unlink and I guess you can find the pictures on your own.

Most Ostentatious Use of a Bow: Charlize Theron. Please, someone help her; the bow's going to eat her alive.

Best Dressed Man: George Clooney. Oh, like I'd pick anyone else. Though I will say, Terrence Howard looked SHARP.)

One of the Best-Chosen Dresses: Jada Pinkett Smith.. Gorgeous color.

One of the Best Illustrations of Why Pale Women Should QUIT WEARING FLESH-COLORED DRESSES ALREADY!!!!!: Naomi Watts

Best Combination of Cheekbones and Smoky Eye Makeup: Keira Knightley

Another of the Most Well-Chosen Dresses: Salma Hayek. Stunning color. Of course, she's one of those irritating people who looks good in anything.

Most Elegant: Rachel Weisz. She does NOT look seven months pregnant.

This Dress is Better Than the One I Wore to the Golden Globes: Reese Witherspoon

Still one of my favorite celebrity couples: Felicity Huffman (disappointed in the dress but loved the hair) and William H. Macy

Worst Occurrence of Frighteningly-Hued Dress on Beautiful Woman: Michelle Williams

Worst Ratty Hairdo: Sandra Bullock

Best Actor From Movie That Totally Should Have Won SOMETHING: David Straithairn

Who does Eric Bana remind me of? Seriously, somebody help me out. He looks JUST like someone, and I can't figure out who.

Oh, wait...Diana Ossana ctually smiles??? Thank God awards season is over, 'cause I am really tired of seeing her get up onstage and sound like Eeyore. I almost fell asleep when she and Larry McMurtry were accepting the award. And there was nothing to do with that short story except improve on it. You know why? Because it SUCKED!!

Oh, and Larry? Maybe you shouldn't wear jeans to the Oscars. Just a thought.

Clearly, I have no overwhelming fondness for those two.

Ooh. Love Rachel Weisz's hair too. Jeez, could she be more beautiful?

Loved the campaign ads. "This ad in no way affiliated with Felicty Huffman." Hee.

Loved the guys from Wallace and Gromit, and their bowties. And the bowties they put on their Oscars. Hilarious! Also the guys from March of the Penguins and their stuffed penguins.

Loved Itzhak Perlman playing some of the nominated music. The bit he played from Pride and Prejudice made me want to rush right home and watch it again. Not that it takes much to induce me to watch it, but still. That music was just beautiful.

I only picked eight of the winners correctly. Goes to show I should never be a betting woman, I suppose. Wanted Felicity to win best supporting actress; wanted Constant Gardener to win best adapted screenplay (ANYTHING but Brokeback would have been a nice change); at least Chronicles of Narnia won makeup.

Aaaand...guess that's it for now.

ETA: Found another beautiful dress: Ziyi Zhang. She's lovely, and that dress is amazing.